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tv   News  Al Jazeera America  August 30, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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0's ♪ and chuck hagel says the vote against military intervention in syria will not change america's strategy. ♪ hello and welcome, i'm steven in doha and this is al jazeera, coming up, one of the most prominent leader is arrested and they are pulling out from the front line in their battle against the congo army.
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but first united states is still planning a military response to a suspected gas attack by syrian government forces. it had expected the uk to join a possible coalition but the british parliament voted against any strikes on syria as carolyn malone reports. >> reporter: the resistance outside of the white house against the u.s. attacking syria. and the leaders look at military options and an important ally is against intervening with syria with suspected use of chemical weapons and chuck hagel says the united states still hopes to act with other allies. >> our approach is to continue to find an international coalition that will act together and i think you are seeing a number of countries say publically state their position
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on the use of chemical weapons. >> reporter: on thursday british members of parliament voted against involvement in military action. >> the ayes to the right, 272 and nos to the left 285. [cheering] . >> reporter: there were 30 conservatives and david cameron's own party. >> they have not passed a motion and it's clear that the british parliament reflecting the views of the people does not want to see british military action, i get that and the government will act accordingly. >> reporter: and in australia the prime minister said they are confident that chemical weapons were used and that the syrian president bashir assad is responsible but there is time for diplomacy at the united nations. >> for the rest of the international community the focus remains exclusively on the
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diplomatic process in new york. >> reporter: un teams are on the last day of a factfinding mission in damascus. secretary general is expecting word on whether chemical weapons were used on people in syria as early as saturday. carolyn malone al jazeera. >> reporter: and barnabie is here and a major blow for the prime minister. >> yes, and he is a diminish figure in britain and across the world and a majority of mps who are happy they will not use military force against syria but there will be people in the government who will fear what this will do to britain's role in the long-term as an international player and perhaps specifically what it will do the britain's relationship with the united states. let me bring in my guest at this
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point, it's dr. james boyce and he is an expert on relations and britain and america is now in jeopardy. >> it's important to really the special relationship has been written off more times than i can remember and perhaps more come backs than sinatra and it's far from a high point in the relationship i think it's the end of the relationship is really mistaken. >> reporter: let's talk about syria specifically, could the americans go it alone? and militarily they can, politically can they? >> the americans are looking for is political coverage and didn't require britain to participate militarily from a side effects. they wanted political coverage and barack obama i think has been driving this process forward for many reasons. perhaps for guilt over acting over the last 12 months and david cameron is bounced in the vote unnecessarily perhaps. the americans can and potentially will go at it alone
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and leaves david cameron is anyo anyone's guess. >> reporter: and i have been told that david will use more force and pushing him along and now he is no longer there and can't join in. >> you are right because of the vote in the house last night and it pointed the final question driving for an answer from the prime minister if he would use world provocative to go it alone with americans has been taken off the table and reenforced by hamon and the united states has the military capacity to do it but if they have the political will to do it is highly unlikely because barack obama is equivocating on this. they are saying this is a real historical moment and we are diminished economically and militarily and pulling back if you like from the place we once had in the world. do you see it in those terms?
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>> we have to be careful not to over state the facts. if the government were here they would say the economy is better shape than it has been and can project military around the world and what you have seen is a last-minute hijacking of british foreign policy by labor opposition until 24, 36 hours ago gave indication they would go along with this and if not david cameron would not have brought the vote forward. i think we can over state the facts but there is no doubt about it it's a milestone in david cameron's partnership. >> reporter: from london university thank you so much, the debate rages on in parliament and back to you. >> thank you and barnabie live in london. and despite voting against action the japanese said the position on syria is unchanged and he said japan won't tolerate the use of chemical weapons
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under any circumstances. china says diplomacy can resolve the crisis and un inspectors must complete the investigation of the gas attack and before the investigation finds out what happened all parties should avoid prejudging results and ought not falsely push for the security council to take action. syria's closest allegedly russia is sending ships and p suching tin said they are needed to protect national security interests and russia had a military presence in the region for decades. >> reporter: it was the height of the cold war the deal was struck, in 1980 the aging breshnef had cooperation and friendship with syrian president. it was a master stroke of soviet strategy that turned the soviet union in a major player in the middle east where the soviets
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are selling weapons to syria since the 1973 war. 40 years ago. so what does russia get from the deal today? it has access to a naval maintenance supply base and russia's only military base outside the former soviet union. and 10% of weapons experted by russia go to syria and net worth $1.5 billion a year. lastly unparalleled access to syria's military and security apparatus. little surprise in the u.n. security council that russia has consistently voted down resolutions calling for sanctions on syria but one voice is silent, putin and indifference to the threat of this was 600 kilometers inspecting this in the east.
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>> he doesn't have something to say just now. to come up and to say that this attack will be wrong and a mistake and a crime and don't do it, while i think everybody knows that it will happen anyway. it doesn't make sense for putin and he will come in after the strike and condemn. >> reporter: they revealed 39% had never heard of the war. >> at the moment i'm occupied with other things. i don't follow the news. >> they talked about iraq and there were though chemical weapons and it's the same story now and will use this as an excuse to launch an attack. >> reporter: what is most important for the kremlin is not to be seen as the people by bending to u.s. pressure and maintaining the role of the protector of syria. and to that end two russian war
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ships deemployed on thursday as tensions continue to rise. a reminder to u.s. naval forces gathering in the area this is not solely an american pawn. so one man vladimir putin who has clout after strikes on his country remains fundamentally opposed to military action to bring about talks in the first place and al jazeera in moscow. >> the muslim brotherhood called for mass protest despite police using ammunition at rallies and one of the most prominent leaders is arrested and el beltagy for insighting violence. >> reporter: in the political landscape before the coup and beltagy was a regular fixture on stage with opposing the military
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leadership camped out for weeks. he is the secretary general of the group's political arms, the freedom and justice party. with security forces moved in to break up the protest, the 17-year-old daughter is shot and killed. his son amar has since been arrested and beltagy was charged 7 counts during the protests and so too have other senior leaders within the organization including supreme guide and said he was beaten. >> i'm voicing my concern to the international community that human rights should be respected here. >> reporter: and beltagy had been in hiding for weeks, in a video message released on wednesday night he urged egyptians to take to the streets against the interim government. hours before an alliance of
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anti-coup groups announced the strategy with small protests and current state of emergency and military curfew and boycott of companies that they think supports the interim government. >> the main problem we face are large protests are very dangerous now for people, for me i don't care. i'm one who is ready to go any where, any time and i swear on that. >> reporter: security forces warn any attacks on public institutions after friday prayers will be met with force. monica with al jazeera cairo. >> reporter: and we are live from cairo and we heard somebody say in monica's report large protests are very dangerous now but nevertheless protests are still planned for today, mike. >> indeed, yes, the call for protest has been made by
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anti-coup on a body that has the dominant and to stage marches and meet in large areas. there has been a massive heightening of security across cairo and cities and ramsy square have been sealed off completely by the army and police and they were scenes of violent confrontation in weeks and the square is seemed off and the mosque and ramsey square are closed and no prayers at those mosques in the course of the day. the interim government says the mosques are closed for renovation but certainly a massive security crack down and protesters insist they will continue to press their demands. >> reporter: and the crack down extending still to the muslim brotherhood and its leadership.
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>> very much so. there have been on going arrests of senior members of the senior brotherhood and in particular the freedom and justice party and the most resent and high profile as we heard in monica's report and the secretary general of the freedom and justice party, very clearly the interim government stated it believes the muslim brotherhood is behind the ongoing violence and it's intent on certainly removing the top leadership of the organization, putting them in prison but one must remember that state of emergency is in force and we know about the muslim brotherhood arrested on civil charges and not about those who have been arrested under state of emergency with no action to friends or family or lawyers. >> reporter: mike is live from cairo, thank you. authorities arrested an al jazeera team covering events in
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cairo and we see the camera man and producer russ fynn have been held since tuesday and two other journalists working for sister channels are detained and al jazeera is urging the egyptian authorities to release our colleagues unconditionally. the government is taking steps to close one of al jazeera's channels saying it is operating illegally and threatening security and it had the signal jam and studios raided and journalists locked out of the office since the removal in july and it has the same license as the english and arabic channels. to afghanistan a suicide bombing killed a district governor and 7 other people. the attack happened at a mosque in kondus and the chief was attending a funeral for an elder who died the previous day. m-23 rebels and the democratic
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public say they will withdraw troops from the front line and they have been fighting the rebel fighters since they over threw the president this year and have a large presence in the country. and al jazeera web received confirmatio confc confirmation, the president of m-23. >> he says that m-23 is withdrawing and doesn't say it's because they suffered heavy casualties it's for independent verifiers to come in the front line area to verify where shells are fired from shells that recently landel on ruwanda and congo and we have spoken to the congo army and says m-23 is pulling back is because they suffered very heavy losses. in the last nine days there is a lot of heavy fighting between the congo army and m-23 rebels
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but the u.n. peace keepers have engaged and fought with the congo army and used helicopters and gone forward to engage with the rebels and that seems to have turned the tables somewhat and that may be why m-23 suffered losses and are now pulling back. >> reporter: that was malcolm web, as the united states considers taking military action against syria we ask what americans think about getting involved in another conflict. that story coming up, plus disorder in a mexican court and find out why this judge lost his cool. ♪ arabic channels. disorder in a mexico court. why this judge lost his cool. tonight 10:00 eastern on al jazeera america.
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stories need to be told, al jazeera is there. >> hello again, i'm fuli batibo with the main stories on al jazeera. >> since 1996, we've told the human story from the ground up. >> this is an unsafe place to be. >> with a new point of view. >> this river is their road to freedom. >> committed, inspired, bold. >> we're on the front line but its under attack. >> al jazeera media network, the global, award-winning news organization.
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♪ time to remind you of top stories from around the world and al jazeera. u.s. says it's preparing a response to suspected gas attack by syrian forces despite losing support from uk and the parliament rejected involvement in military action. one of the leaders has been arrested, beltagy for violence after friday prayers and m-22 rebels in congo say they will withdraw troops on the front line and the army has been battling the rebels since they over threw the president this year. a top story in the prospect of military intervention intervention and the american public is weary and we have the
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engaging opinion. >> reporter: call it america's iraq war hangover. >> i do not want to see another war and not want to see america being involved in another war, absolutely not. >> i feel sorry for the guys dying over there but we got to take care of our own. >> reporter: military intervention in syria has supporters across the u.s. >> i think it's horrific what the everyday syrian people have to endure. if we don't do anything and just massacre and this continues, i think it maybe inevitable to do some kind of action of military action. >> reporter: and polls show must americans weary of more than a decade of war in afghanistan and iraq want no part of it. the poll last week found 60% of americans oppose u.s. intervention in syria, 9% support it. >> i think obama probably shouldn't have said put the red line out there like he did and now i guess he feels he has to
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do something about it. as far as i'm concerned, we have to have a little bit more of a wait and see attitude. >> reporter: americans are reluctant to intervene in syria they have a history of short-term support and ral lying around the commander-in-chief when troops are deployed and a brief military action would likely face little opposition. but resent u.s. history says interventions are rarely brief. american troops have been meyerd in conflict from afghanistan and vietnam and mostably iraq where they recall the president cited weapons of mass destruction which were nonexistent to justify war. >> i'm not sure the proof behind it because i don't think intel has been very accurate in the middle east on just about any issue. >> i think it's another show of obama's weakness to pull a stun
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like this to keep popularity up. >> reporter: along the coast and here in the middle of america for many the lingering miss trust following the war in iraq runs deep. >> reporter: from london is edward hunt and he is a senior consultant at ihs james which talks about defense and security issues. despite the vote at westminster against the deployment of any force, is it, do you think, still a question of when, not if the west attacks syria? >> well, obviously the u.s. position on this has yet to be entirely determined. the latest comment from the president they will look at the reports of the u.n. inspection of the chemical attack site. but it does seem there is momentum for this. the uk parliament saying not for
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action at this time, might change in the future, would suggest there might be a cause and effort into next week as more facts are available and the positions are reconsidered. >> reporter: so it's still a possibility. u.s. officials have been stressing and very aggressively talking to chuck hagel and john kerry and joe biden is aggressive towards syria but they are stressing any strike would be surgical, that is the word they like to use, what does that mean? >> well, surgical is a relative term. mostly or most likely the first way would involve attacking missiles and submarine station would put attacking force out of harm's way and syrian defenses and allow them to an area of 50 or fewer meters to hit a precision target like a command center and radar and missile battery or military
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installation. >> reporter: let's get more detail on this, edward. a surgical strike against war, defenses and chemical zones, i mean supposing these are in civilian areas? >> well, that is an interesting question. obviously the first rule of entering this is what do you want to achieve and clearly the threat of military action has suddenly heightened because of the chemical weapons attack but it's not an operation which the u.s. wants to get involved in the civil war but to prevent chemical weapons attacks and you can hit radar and military sites of the government that would not stop the chemical attack and what would occur is enough of an offensive to hit control areas saying further chemical attacks if it was a chemical attack will be pun link ee eed punished sey and to prevent continuation of the war. >> reporter: supposedly the reason for this is to punish the
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reg i me and not necessarily to help the rebels but there is no doubt if you attack the regime you risk broadening the conflict. >> you would be hard pressed not to find a war that did not escalate and broaden at the beginning which is why when i said you need to know what you are doing, do you help the rebels, two years and little aid in terms of military from the west and looks like you said a punishment of regime and warning the use of chemicals and similar weapons will not be tolerated but there is military to get involved in a long, sustained campaign involving soldiers and on going operations in the area. >> reporter: edward hunt, thank you, edward. >> thank you. >> reporter: an employment figures the euro zone has been released and the jobless is
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12.1% of population and the unemployment is edging higher, 23.3% a year ago to 23.4% in june euro zone it fell for two years but little consolation as analysts warn the rate is record levels. one in eight people in the euro zone is unemployed. total number without jobs is almost 20 million. and we report from italy which is one of the highest unemployment rates in the euro zone. >> reporter: he is a busy man and in northeast italy and oversees a business empire that manufacturers plastic goods and bins and even professional kitchens. that makes him a major employer in the region and needs to make sure his companies can keep up with the demand but there is one problem. he says italians don't want to work on floors of his factories so he hires my grant workers.
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>> the union representative is himself a migrant. and the italians to hire i will hire them. if there are not, i will hire foreigners. >> reporter: it's a controversial topic, the idea that italians are offering and they say italians have unrealistic employment expectations and little pressure in young people to go and find a job. but the reality is the stereotype of young italians not willing to shoulder hard work is a complex one, more and more of them have degrees and willing to delay their entry in the job market by finding suitable work in a professional sector. the problem is that while low-skill employment is available, italy's economy cannot provide opportunities for the increasingly educated
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citizens. >> the amount of higher educated workers especially among the youngsters is in the market. many of them have to face a situation where they are forced to accept or forced to find new opportunities and different opportunities. >> reporter: the northeast is called the engine of the country drawing migrants from poor nations but few make it in the professional class and like everywhere else in europe the recession hit hard and italians and foreigners are fighting for the same jobs and they agree that italy's need to adapt to change and business leaders need to provide more opportunities if italy is to keep up with a global competition. al jazeera and italy. >> reporter: a mexican judge apologized for attacking two
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justices in court. and migel falcom latched out during court and the judge was angry after one of his colleagues accused of insulting him and state appeals could said he brought shame on the court and could now face impeachment.